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You’re Invited to Join Us for a Very Special
Mexican Independence Celebration!

“From Inspiration to Table”

Thursday, September 15th, 6pm

Our special Mexican Independence Dinner begins in Mexico, where Master Mezcaleros create Mezcales using generations of experience in a process that part science, part art, and part history with a huge dose of passion and heart.

Once the Mezcal arrived here, Chef Eduardo created a FULL FOUR COURSE DINNER designed to pair perfectly with the flavors of each expression we’ll pour.

In addition to the FULL DINNER and Mezcales, you’ll enjoy:

  • A unique cocktail
  • Mayahuel Gift Cards ($30 value) you can win just for being the first to answer a question correctly (so pay attention!)
  • Win a ‘Golden Ticket’ gift card for a personal food and mezcal experience with Joel Siegel at our Mezcaleria (Value $50! You pay only $5)

This Is NOT a regular Tequila Club event – A full, elegant four-course dinner with Mezcal pairings. Enjoy this unique opportunity!


September 16th is Mexican Independence Day and El Grito (‘The Scream’)  can be heard throughout Mexico, as the day commemorating the famous battle cry by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in 1810 that marked the beginning of Mexico’s fight for sovereignty is re-enacted. The Mexican War of Independence had begun, calling for the end of Spanish rule, racial equality, and redistribution of land. An army of laborers, farmers, and ordinary citizens banded together to fight. That they won over the Spanish Army who was better armed and trained is a historic victory; one which Mexicans everywhere celebrate with pride.


Join us for a beautiful, traditional Four-Course Dinner and special expressions of Mezcal,
including one bottled just for Sr. Ernesto Delgado to commemorate this important month of independence. 

We’ll begin with a cocktail, created just for this Dinner, and enjoy an expression especially paired with each course.


First Course

Mole Poblano Tostadas

mole poblano comprised of 32 ingredients, braised chicken, handmade tostada

Vegan Mole Poblano Tostadas

mole Poblano Comprised of 32 ingredients, caramelized plantains, handmade tostadas

Second course

Carne de Puerco en Pipian Mole

braised pork shoulder, pipian mole, pumpkin seeds, serrano peppers, tomatillos, over a bed of white rice

Braised Squash en Pipian Mole

slow braised summer squash, pipian mole, pumpkin seeds, serrano peppers, tomatillos,
over a bed of white rice

Third course

Spicy Pistachio Mole

sauteed portabella mushrooms, pistachio mole, serrano peppers

Fourth Course

Traditional Mexican Flan

creamy custard, mezcal-infused caramel

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Chocolate ganache, vegan buttercream, chocolate drizzle

 Mezcal Tastings by La Luna

Welcome Cocktail – Cuatrocientos Conejos

Manso Sahuayo
Mayahuel exclusive Tequilana

We anticipate this event will sell out fast. Reserve your seat below:



Tequila Museo Mayahuel

Tequila Museo Mayahuel