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Tres Tiempos Tequila Club Event
Friday, July 19 2024 6:00 pm


During the magic light of the full moon, Raul Garcia’s family can be found harvesting the beautiful magueys that will become a treasured elixir.

Raul’s grandfather instilled in him the understanding that these beautiful living plants produce a sweeter and more concentrated mezcal when they are cut during a full moon and the heritage and culture of the Oaxacan people is revered.

Tres Tiempos begins with organic growing practices, just as they were grown five generations before. Each maguey is fully mature at harvest – at their peak of perfection. The hearts are then placed on hot stones in earthen ovens for four days.

The slow and methodical process shows respect for the history of the maguey; the legends that permeate the ancient culture, for mezcal is the drink of friendship, of welcoming others, of dreams.

Tres Tiempos pays tribute to the three stages of life – being born, growing and thriving and dying – experienced in the cultivation, distillation and packaging of the mezcal to send it on its way where it will be consumed. Every aspect of life is dependent on the land and nature. The soil that provides the minerals; the monsoonal rains that bring thirst-quenching water.

Life in San Luis Amatlán centers around Mezcal – in the hot dry climate those who live in the small village are dedicated to a culture that takes pride in perfection. This is essential to producing Tres Tiempos, and Raul ensures that every employee is paid far above Mexico’s minimum wage – a wage that enables them to live with dignity and provide for their families.

Raul’s beloved grandfather is no longer here in physical form, but his spirit is felt in every sip of the wonderful Tres Tiempos.

How fitting, then, it is that we have chosen July 19 as the date of our celebration. It is (almost) the night of the full moon, a time you may feel transported to a beautiful field of maguey in the silvery light and shadows created by the plants and the people who care for them.

  • We’ll begin our evening with a cocktail, prepared especially for the event.
  • After, enjoy tasting the Bicuixe – the wild guardian of maguey
  • Followed by the Ensemble, representing Ancestral Tradition of mixing the most complementary magueys, and the Tepeztate – mystery of the mountains.
  • We will also try a new Verde Mezcal – for the first time here in the United States.

Each tasting will be accompanied by a delectable small bite created by Chef Eduardo to pair perfectly.
Reserve your seat now, as we expect this event to sell out quickly. 


Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you can’t attend the event after you’ve paid, you may choose from the following:
* We’ll transfer your credit to another event of equal value at this restaurant or;
* We’ll issue a PayPal refund less a $10 processing fee

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