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April 2018 Tequila of the Month!

Azuñia Organic Tequila

Under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Salvador Rivera Cordona, Azuñia roasts the organic agave in traditional clay hornos to ensure authenticity and depth of flavor. It’s then finished with a natural, open-air fermentation process and double-distilled for purity and bottled by hand in small batches.  Azuñia holds both USDA Organic and BioAgriCert Organic certifications which mean it must be made from Blue Weber Agave that is grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizer or GMO’s.  It may not include any additives.

Azuñia enjoys an ‘excellent’ rating from Tequila.net as well as numerous five star reviews from aficionados for each of their expressions.



Tequila Museo Mayahuel

Tequila Museo Mayahuel