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You’re Invited to an amazing
Tequila Club adventure!


Friday, March 6 ~ 6pm sharp

Maximilliana agave

Maximilliana agave


Spirits from Jalisco – all Agave distillates not designated ‘Tequila’.

What’s the difference? The Mexican government decides what can carry the name Tequila. While we ADORE Tequila, we’re missing out on some of the most exquisite expressions made from Agave, some centuries old such as Raicilla.

Drew Garrison, who dazzles us with his knowledge (he’s also very entertaining!) will share a part of Mexico with us that is seldom seen. Amazing expressions brought to the U.S. in many cases only because someone who cared about the beauty of a product and the people who make it decided to make it their mission.

Caballito Here’s the lineup. If you are so inclined, please look at the reviews on these products:

Caballito Chato~ 5 stars.  “reminded me of the Fortaleza Blanco Still Strength”

Caballito Azul~ “One taste reveals why this distillery is consistently the most highly rated Tequila producer in Jalisco without the actual word “Tequila” on the label.”

Bonete Racialla Costa~ “very wild, elemental and savory. Great texture with a super long finish.T his is my favorite expression, it’s very intense”

Bonete Racialla Sierra ~ “Distilled from agave Maximiliana in a single distillation in a still made from adobe and stainless steel, this is one of the most incredible agave spirits on our shelf. Cooked above ground in an adobe oven with black oak firewood this wild fermented spirit is insanely flavorful and wildly different from any tequla or even mezcal you’ve tasted.”

Chacolo Brocha Ixtero Amarillo ~ 4.5 stars  “Sweet corn on the nose, some fresh cut grass and limestone up front, followed by smoke and apricots. Delicious!”

Chacolo Ixtero Amarillo~ 4.5 stars “so complex. Wow. Like a meandering mountain road.”

As always, we’ll begin with a cocktail made just for the event. Chef Eduardo will create small bites to pair with each of these spirits. 


The only question is – are you brave enough to go on this wild adventure with us?



All this for only $30 for Tequila Club Members (and you can still purchase 3 seats and get a fourth free) and $40 for general public. All reservations are pre-pay, as we typically sell out quickly.

Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you can’t attend the event after you’ve paid, you may choose from the following:
* We’ll transfer your credit to another event of equal value at this restaurant or;
* We’ll issue a PayPal refund less a $10 processing fee