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Mayahuel Tequila Club Special Event

Friday, March 31st

6:00 pm in our beautiful Coa Room

Join us!



Tequila has a way of casting its spell by warming the hearts of those who sip with friends on a warm Summer night. El Cristiano Tequila was created by a group of friends who dreamed of a luxury Tequila without additives, that holds true to its heritage and cultural importance. 

These friends agreed that the brand must be pure – and in fact it has recognized for its zero-additive traditional methods which celebrate the Agave by allowing it to mature completely, giving it characteristics that result in a more intricate flavor profile. 

Grown in the Jalisco highlands near Arandas, the landscape offers steep hillsides of deep red soil, decorated in stunning contrast by the light blue-green Agave. The soil here is soft, full of iron and minerals necessary to produce Agave with glorious natural sugars. Nights are cooler at this elevation (just under,7000 feet) encouraging the plants to retain what they want from the soil.

El Cristiano has perfected their traditional process by allowing no shortcuts or compromises in their sustainable agricultural methods. As many generations of fine Tequila producers have done, they distill in copper pots in a way that is shared by Master Mezcaleros of Oaxaca. Aging is done in American Oak Barrels to softly enhance, not alter, the integrity of the Agave.

Their success is celebrated by giving back to the beautiful community of Arandas, by supporting the Arandas orphanage, pubic school system, and local children’s soccer teams. 

At distiller Casa Tequileros Aceves, the magic happens. We think you’ll experience a taste of the magic at your first sip.

We’ll begin our evening with a welcoming cocktail.

Antojitos (small bites) have been designed especially to pair with each expression. As you learn what sets El Cristiano apart, you will experience:


Sweet cooked agave aromas with hints of ripe fruit, butter, and bay leaf. Fill mouth roundness, and lovely terroir.


Wonderful flavor balance, hints of cinnamon pecans and butterscotch candies. A long finish with just the right amount of spice.

XR (Extra Reposado): 

An innovative and delicate blend of Reposado aged 11 months in American Bourbon barrels and French oak red wine barrels. Sweet cooked Agave flavor, with hints of fruit, caramel and vanilla. Velvety smooth and pleasingly sweet with a light spice finish.

Black (Extra Anejo)

Nuances of dried red fruit, cooked agave, caramel, baking spices and cocoa nibs. A hint of Turkish dates. Luscious.

Reservations are required.

Seats are $55 for Tequila Club Members and $65 for General Public. Of course, you can join for FREE and get the member’s price!  We send you invitations to amazing Tequila inspired events here at Mayahuel and always respect your busy inbox and your time. 

  • Price: $55.00
  • Price: $65.00

Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you can’t attend the event after you’ve paid, you may choose from the following:

* We’ll transfer your credit to another event of equal value at this restaurant or;
* We’ll issue a PayPal refund less a $20 processing fee