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Tequila Mixoff 2014 with Don Julio Tequila – Episode #8

Sacramento’s top bartenders were hand-chosen to battle head-to-head over the title of the Tequila MixOff Champion. This event was sponsored by Don Julio Tequila with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Sacramento Food Literacy Program. Bartenders included Elizabeth Preuss, Oscar Escobar, Chad Brown, Nikki Muth and Andre Gonzalez. Watch and see who took home the $1,000 prize!

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How to make a margarita – Episode #7

In this episode, Mayahuel’s bartender Charles Connolly shows us how he makes the Mayahuel Margarita. See what makes the Mayahuel drinks different and why they are worth stopping by for a taste yourself.

Mayahuel is a Mexican restaurant in Downtown Sacramento, featuring a tequila museum and one of the first mezcalerias in the United States. With more than 180 fine tequilas and a growing selection of mezcals, Mayahuel is the premier restaurant to enjoy fine Mexican cuisine with a unique cultural experience.

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Tequila Ocho review Episode #5

In this episode, Mayahuel’s bartender Charles Connolly reviews Tequila Ocho’s 2012 vintage and gets an unexpected taste surprise. See what makes the 2012 vintage so unique from other tequilas and why it’s worth stopping by Mayahuel for a taste yourself. Since Tequila Ocho vintages their tequila (like wineries do with wine), when the 2012 vintage is gone, it’s gone!

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Shitty Tequila Face? – Episode #2

In this Episode of Mayahuel.TV, Charles Connoly teaches us how he makes one of his favorite Partida drinks, interviews Jose Valdez the master distiller at Partida Tequila, and helps us all understand what shitty tequila face means! If you like Mayahuel’s videos check out Mayahuel’s restaurant as well!

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Mayahuel’s Tequila Mix-off – Episode #1

Mayahuel’s Tequila Mix-off was an exciting and energetic head-to-head competition between customers of the restaurant. Each contestant was competing to have their drink become the next feature drink on the menu. Applications came in city wide but only five finalists were chosen! This video recaps the battle of the recipes between these five contestants!

Tequila Museo Mayahuel

Tequila Museo Mayahuel