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Friday, August 18, 2023   6 pm

We’re thrilled to bring you ArteNOM Tequila!

If you’ve never had the privilege of meeting Jake Lustig, you are in for a treat. His presentations and tequila knowledge are famous in the world of Agave spirits. (He’s also a great guy!)

As he set out to collaborate with some of the finest Master Distillers in México, his goal was to bring Tequila to the market that could endure the test of time – because it was that special. Agave brought to natural maturity with no diffusers used in the process. Certified additive-free. Real, pure, Tequila made for the Aficionado.

ArteNOM Tequila represents the true culture and heritage of México, with selections showcasing the diversity in altitude, soil, cultivation and distillation. The art of Master Distillers who treasure their craft and heritage.

We’ll enjoy a welcoming cocktail, followed by tastings of the four incredible expressions served with small bites created by Chef Eduardo.

More on the Tequila:

NOM 1579
At 6,788 feet above sea level in the remote mountain town of Jesús María, Felipe Camarena masterfully crafts this bright and aromatic tequila from hillside agave plants that grow in tequila’s highest altitude agave region. El Pandillo de Felipe Distillery is arguably one of the most advanced, innovative and sustainable distilleries in the business. After the harvest is selected, the agave plants are slowly roasted in brick ovens and macerated intact with their fibers for a fuller, richer flavor. After fermentation with rainwater, Felipe slowly distills this selection in small copper stills and aerates the liquor before bottling it.

  • Color: pure and transparent with rich agave viscosity
  • Nose: puff pastry, spring rain, mint, bold toasted agave
  • Palate: velvety, wine-like texture with a hint of fresh chili, white pepper, spearmint candies



NOM 1123
The renowned Rosales family produces ArteNOM Blanco Hístorico 1123 in El Arenal Jalisco at its Cascahuín Distillery. This selection is allowed to mature in barrels for 21-28 days. Very fine white tequilas from the Tequila Valley were sometimes made this way in the early 20th century. Used brandy barrels that previously contained Mezcal Don Amado Reposado in Oaxaca are used for maturation.

  • Color: autumn meadow straw
  • Aroma: roasted pineapple, warm butter, baking spices, smoky pepper, cider
  • Flavor- Spicy cinnamon, black pepper, sweet potato, vanilla, almond, wood smoke



NOM 1414
The Vivanco family began cultivating highland agave during Mexico’s tumultuous post-revolutionary period of 1919-1929. In Don Feliciano Vivanco’s hometown of Arandas, Jalisco, succeeding generations of Vivancos have dedicated themselves to expanding the family’s agave plantations, and in 1994, the family’s dream of acquiring their own distillery was finally realized with the purchase of El Ranchito Distillery. With approximately 2,000 acres of cultivated agaves on their property, Sergio & José Manuél Vivanco have made a name for themselves producing rich, well-balanced tequilas. For ArteNOM Selección de 1414, the family recaptures its unique and extraordinary tradition of fermenting agave puree with field-extracted wild yeast for an unparalleled display of agave terroir.

  • Color: very pale straw
  • Aroma: vegetable chapparal, roasted sweet potato
  • Flavor: salt, vanilla, allspice, mild chili heat


NOM 1146
In Tequileña, the namesake city of Tequila, Jalisco, home to a variety of famous tequilas, grand Master Distiller Enrique Fonseca distills agave predominantly grown around his hometown of Atotonilco el Alto. For this añejo expression, Enrique ages select tequilas initially in used Cabernet Franc wine barrels from the Loire Valley of France for a minimum of 14 months. The tequila is then extracted from French oak and deposited in toasted American white oak previously used to age Canadian whiskey or Tennessee rye whiskey, for a minimum of an additional 14 months, for a truly masterful balance of oak and agave flavors.

  • Color: rich amber
  • Aroma: caramel, citrus, baking spice, vanilla
  • Flavor: toffee, caramel pecan, custard, orange zest, dark chocolate