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May ~ Tequila of the Month – El Tesoro Tequila

El Tesoro, ‘The Treasure’, was started by Master Distiller Carlos Camarena’s Grandfather, Don Felipe, in the early 1800’s near Arandas in the Jalisco Highlands.  This very special Tequila is our May Tequila of the Month.

Don Felipe believed that it is essential to bring craftsmanship to every step of the tequila-making process. His life was devoted to the production of small-batches of the exquisite liquid. Through Carlos Camarena, this tradition continues. Click Here to read more about El Tesoro.

Tasting Notes:
Blanco:  A delicate aroma. Intensely herbal. The flavors are aromatic and smooth.

Reposado: Smooth, with an aroma of tobacco. A sweet pepper, herbal flavor with subtle wood tones. Mellow and rich.

Anejo: Described by the Beverage Tasting Institute as ‘A symphony of agave and spicy oak flavors’ the Anejo has beautiful depth and complexity.