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A Special Tequila Club Event!

 Join us on Friday, April 27th at 5:30 to celebrate
the launching of our new Vegan Menu with Azuñia Organic Tequila.

This is a reservation only, limited seating Pre-Pay event.
We’ve had centuries of creating unique and delicious foods with herbs and plants.  The Aztecs ate a primarily plant-based diet, and you know how fearless and strong they were!  We’ll spend the evening eating like an Aztec – with far more comfortable chairs and no sacrifices – promise!

To Start:
We’ll start the evening with a delicious Verde Sweet México cocktail made with Azuñia Blanco. Taste the wonder of fresh spinach, watermelon, mango and mint with fine Tequila.

First course:
Sikil P’ak and Azuñia Organic Blanco

A thick, flavorful dip from the Yucatan, Sikil P’ak is made with roasted Pumpkin seeds and spices.

The Azuñia Blanco is perfect with this dish – it got 93 points on!
Appearance: clear – thick body and slow tears
Aroma: crisp / clean, floral nose with light agave and hint of lemon
Initial Taste: orange and lemon, light agave
Spirit Body: heats up with sweet agave and spiced orange, hint of grass
Finish / Aftertaste: warm mouthfeel, strong lemon/mint finish with long citrus aftertaste

Second course:
Ensalada Secreta Especial and Azuñia Organic Reposado

Our Ensalada is Chef Coco Mondragon’s surprise. Her creativity and dedication to fresh, seasonal ingredients will guarantee it’s going to be delicious!

Azuñia Reposado got an ‘excellent’ rating from
Appearance: light straw – thick body and slow tears
Aroma: light agave and pepper, hints of vanilla and wood
Initial Taste: butter and citrus, light wood
Spirit Body: buttery agave, hint of vanilla
Finish / Aftertaste: warm mouthfeel, citrus and vanilla finish with medium chocolate aftertaste

Third course:
Portobello and Two Moles and Azuñia Organic Añejo

Rich, earthy Portobello Mushroom with 2 distinctly different Moles. A dish to make you fall in love with Mole all over again.

Served with the Azuñia Añejo – a favorite of aficionados!
Appearance: medium amber, golden hues – thick body and slow tears
Aroma: spiced agave and wood, light floral with hints of lemon and cherry
Initial Taste: sweet agave, light caramel and wood
Spirit Body: buttery agave, citrus, hints of vanilla and chocolate
Finish / Aftertaste: warm mouthfeel, woody lemon finish with medium mint aftertaste

Fourth course:
Chocolate Pistacio Cake and Azuñia Black Label

A real treat! You’ll never guess this cake is Vegan. Rich and moist, with deep luscious chocolate flavor. This velvety, rich cake is topped with chopped roasted pistachios and a wonderful pistachio glaze. It’s perfection with the Azuñia Black Label.

Azuñia Tequila’s 2-year aged Añejo has been aged in American oak barrels and hand selected by distillery partner Salvador Rivera Cardona. This unique one-of-a-kind blend is exclusive to Azuñia. It has been perfectly aged to capture the taste and aroma of luscious caramel, vanilla and hints of chocolate.

We’re going to change everything you thought about Vegan food.  It’s diverse, delicious and wonderful, and a perfect match for Azuñia Organic Tequila.

As always, Tequila Club members pay only $25 and may purchase 3 seats and get a fourth free. General public price is $35. Tequila Club membership is FREE – if you’re not a member, join and take advantage of the great prices on this and future events.  Click Here to Join

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