February 2018 Tequila Club Event

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First Mayahuel
Tequila Club Event of 2018!

Friday, February 2nd 5:30 pm in our Coa Room
This is a Pre-Pay, Limited Seating Event

Tequila Club Event

Frank Mendez, founder of the exquisite Gran Dovejo Tequila will be joined by Salvador Chavez of Puente Internacional for an evening of tastings, food, and friendship.

If you’ve never met Señor Mendez, you are guaranteed to be delighted with this local visionary who has created one of the finest Tequilas available anywhere.

It all began by Frank Mendez of Dixon and his cousin Jesus Venegas sipping Tequila one warm summer day, having a heart-to-heart conversation about the desire of Aficionados to support the craftsmanship that goes into the finest Tequilas. To read more click here.

We’ll be pouring:

1. A delicious welcoming cocktail!
2. Tequila Gran Dovejo: (We can’t say enough about these award-winning Tequilas)

  • BlancoNose: Sweet aromas of cooked agave, honey, citrus and floral notes.
    • Taste: Soft and silky entry, sweet cooked agave pepper and floral accents.
    • Finish: Long finish and sweet peppery fade.
  • Reposado
    • Nose: Cooked agave, vanilla, orange and spices.
    • Taste: Soft silky entry, vanilla, wood, dried fruits, and cinnamon.
    • Finish: Long warm finish with oak, fruit, and spice fade.
  • Anejo
    • Nose: Cooked agave, oak, vanilla, tobacco, butterscotch, and spices.
    • Taste: Rich and silky entry with vanilla, cinnamon, clove, orange spice accents.
    • Finish: A long smooth oak and spice fade.
  • Especial High Proof
    • Aromas and flavors of fresh Agave, citrus, and pineapple pleasantly invite you to linger. It’s an elegant expression while remaining true to the spirit of Tequila.

We can’t say enough about these award-winning Tequilas.

3. La Luna Mezcal

La Luna Mezcal originates from the agriculturally rich state of Michoacan, high in the mountains at an elevation of nearly 5,900 feet.The wild Cupreata Agave are harvested when mature – 8-10 years.

A light floral nose with hints of vanilla and citrus blossom, followed by a balanced agave flavor with a touch of wood and Earthy smoke finish.

4. Gustoso Aguardiente Rum

This is a truly artisanal Rum, made from sugar cane grown in the Highlands of Michoacan.  The Sugar Cane thrives in the vibrant red mineral-rich soil, and the climate of warm days and cool nights help to create a rich, deep Rum known as Charanda.

The Pacheco family have been producing some of the regions finest Charanda since 1907.

Delicious Small Bites created by Chef Coco Mondragon will be served to complement the spirits.

As always, Tequila Club members pay only $25 (and you can purchase 3 seats & get the fourth free!) General Public $35.

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