Tequila and Mezcal are at the heart of the Mexican culture, a craft which goes back to a time when ancient people were ruled by the seasons and feared the Gods.

“Tequila is the elixir of passion, the purveyor of love, the potion that makes time stand still, the liquid heat that warms your heart ” ~ Señor Ernesto Delgado


Tequila is not just an alcoholic drink – it’s the symbol of a culture. From its beginnings as an elixir reserved for royalty, the drink made from the Maguey (Agave) has been a way of life for many.

mayahuel-blog-feb-2016-agave-fieldNature’s perfect palette – the contrast of red-earth clay in the higher elevations and loamy dark volcanic soil of the lowlands frame the cool blue-green agave plants which shimmer like a vast sea.


The differences in soil, weather and elevation produce distinct tequilas – very much like those of fine wine. It gets quite warm in both the valley and highlands of Jalisco, but the highlands enjoy cooler nights and more rain. Those from agave grown in the lowlands are a little spicier, with an aroma of clay. Highland tequilas tend to be a bit more floral, with a mineral quality


Tasting fine tequila is also similar to fine wine tasting. (Link to our article on Tequila tasting) When tasting tequilas, blancos will allow you to experience ‘tequila terroir’ more than reposados or anejos, which have been aged in barrels. Fine tequila should be sipped – let it sit on your tongue until it reaches body temperature, then savor the complexity of the drink and the land where it was produced.tequila-club-1

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“You won’t truly know Mexico in your heart until you know Mezcal in your soul” ~ Señor Ernesto Delgado


Until you experience the diversity and unique flavor of each handcrafted Mezcal, and understand how each Master Distiller must spend years with a mentor learning his craft, it’s hard to know Mezcal. When you learn that those producing fine Mezcales are working tirelessly to create a sustainable process for harvesting wild Agave so it can grow and thrive for many more centuries and how those who produce it do so from a love and passion deep in their heart – you will begin to feel the stirring of Mezcal in your soul.

mayahuel-almamezcaleria-photo-900x900-900x900Mezcal is the original Tequila, mainly made with Wild Agave varieties in the Pre-Hispanic tradition. It is synonymous with the beauty of a culture whose history dates back as early as 8,000 B.C., with the formation of early villages in Mesoamerica. The process of making Mezcal is slow and meticulous, and has changed little over the centuries.

Known as the ‘Nectar of the Gods’, Mezcal has a flavor quite unique and different from Tequila. Most of the Mezcal created today still begins with wild Agave harvested in arid, mountainous areas of Mexico. Slow growing and beautiful, many of the varieties of wild Agave take from 50-70 years to mature. The Master Distillers are proud of their craft – and respectful of the land. The preservation of the wild Agave is essential to them, and results in sustainable harvesting methods and small-batch production.

20130123-img_6240-900x600Our Taco Bar features ingredients authentic to the spirit of an indigenous culture which has existed in the mountains of Mexico for many centuries, and is designed to pair perfectly with the aromas and flavors of the fine Mezcales we are proud to carry.

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Tequila Museo Mayahuel

Tequila Museo Mayahuel