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You’re Invited to a Special Tequila Club Event

Friday, September 20, 2019 6:00 pm

Tequila Gran Dovejo


Enjoy a Mayahuel favorite as you taste each of the Gran Dovejo expressions paired with a delicious small bite created by Chef Eduardo Garcia.

Plus, an extra tasting of La Luna Mezcal Tequilana!

We’ll begin with a cocktail created just for the event made with Gran Dovejo Blanco. Then, we’ll taste:

  • Gran Dovejo Blanco
  • Gran Dovejo High Proof Blanco
  • La Luna Tequilana Mezcal
  • Gran Dovejo Reposado
  • Gran Dovejo Añejo


Sipping Tequila one warm summer day in 2009, Frank Mendez of Dixon and his cousin Jesus Venegas were having a heart-to-heart conversation about the desire of Aficionados to support the craftsmanship that goes into the finest Tequilas. At the time, there were many mass-produced brands on the market. Agave growers had an over-abundance of ripe plants, and opportunistic large producers were buying all they could at a low price. Frank and Jesus were concerned that the wrong people were getting into the business of Tequila for the wrong reasons- mainly profit – and both the purity of the spirit and the honor of the tradition were suffering.

Tequila and long conversations often seem to lead to the evolution of dreams. The two men felt passionately that Tequila should be created with craftsmanship and heart, and there in the heat of the afternoon, they made the decision to create their own brand.

Collaborating with the Feliciano Vivanco family, they began making a traditionally crafted, small-batch Tequila. Gran Dovejo is made exclusively from Agave grown in the Jalisco highlands on the Vivanco family property – an area known for producing large, sugar-laden piñas. Under the supervision of renowned Master Distiller Sergio Cruz, each of the expressions is exquisitely crafted.

Ten years later, Gran Dovejo has received multiple Gold Medals and is considered by Aficionados to be one of the finest Tequila available.


As always, Tequila Club members pay only $30 and can pay for three seats and get a fourth free. Bring a friend! General public price is $40 – but why not join the Tequila Club for free and get the discount?

Pre-paid reservations are required. We expect this event to sell out quickly as we can only accommodate 60 guests in our beautiful Coa Room.

  • Price: $30.00
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  • Price: $40.00

Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you can’t attend the event after you’ve paid, you may choose from the following:
* We’ll transfer your credit to another event of equal value at this restaurant or;
* We’ll issue a PayPal refund less a $10 processing fee