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El Tesoro Tequila Club Event
Friday, August 6, 2021 6 pm


Join us for a very special evening with Senior Brand Ambassador Luis Navarro as he shares the beautiful El Tesoro Tequila with us.

Aptly named ‘The Treasure’, El Tesoro is one of the most requested Tequilas of Aficionados.

Our evening will begin with a welcoming cocktail.

You’ll be treated to small bites created by Chef Eduardo to pair with these exquisite expressions. We’ll be tasting:

  • Blanco – Smooth and clear with a hint of banana, white pepper and
  • Reposado– Dried fruit and honey aroma; smooth and slightly peppery with oak sweetness
  • Single Barrel Reposado created just for Mayahuel Click to read story – Sr. Ernesto Delgado chose this Reposado on a visit to La Alteña.
  • Añejo – Aged two to three years in oak barrels, it is smooth and sweet, with notes of vanilla cream and a hint of pepper
  • Extra Añejo – A notable presence of Agave, with caramel, butter, and hazelnut tempered by a hint of fruit.

The La Alteña distillery is located in the beautiful Jalisco highlands near the town of Arandas, where the red, mineral laden soil contrasts with the blue-green agave. It was built in 1937 by Don Felipe Camarena, who knew the altitude, soil and sun created the perfect conditions to make a great Tequila.

Today, Don Felipe’s grandson, Carlos Camarena is the master distiller. He uses the traditional, slow methods to create El Tesoro, just like his grandfather developed. But he also has an eye to the future, with conservation methods designed to protect the diversity and longevity of the Agave by encouraging cross-pollination via the Mexican Lesser Long-Nosed bat. In fact, this bat which until just a few years ago was on the endangered species list is now thriving in large part because of Agave growers like Sr.Camarena.

Luis Navarro, Senior Brand Ambassador, is known for his deep knowledge of the Tequila making process and his fascinating, educational presentations about the Tequila he loves.

This event is expected to sell out quickly.


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