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A Special Tequila Club Event with El Tequileño

Thursday, October 19, 2023 6pm



El Tequileño was born in 1959, when Don Jorge Salles Cuervo realized his dream of creating his own unique brand. He chose the name in honor of the birthplace of Tequila. Through hard work in the harsh sunlight of Jalisco and the long days in the field, he brought his dream to life. Just eleven years later, Don Jorge’s son Juan Antonio joined the family business, thus ensuring its legacy.

Although Don Jorge passed away in 2000, the family business continues, with the third generation of the family joining just five years later. His grandson Jorge Antonio “Tony” quickly earned the title ‘Master Distiller’. 64 years after Don Jorge’s dream began, El Tequileño is a beloved family brand, bringing the heart of Jalisco to the world.

Tony was granted the coveted Great Tequilero in 2018, for his lifetime of dedication and achievement to the Tequila industry. This is only the fourth appointment in history by the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry.

El Tequileño grows their agave in the rolling hills of the Los Altos region in mineral rich soil. The combination of perfect weather, superb soil and high altitude are known for being an ideal place for Agave to thrive. At the perfect ripeness, Tony transports the Agave by truck, four hours away to the distillery in Tequila. Using steam autoclaves just like his grandfather, the Agave is carefully cooked. The water is pure volcanic spring water, rich in minerals. The beautiful 150-year-old Mango trees just outside the distillery influence the character of the Tequila during fermentation. Finally, copper stills remove unwanted impurities, resulting in a pure Tequila.

Since Don Jorge first pursued his dream, he recognized the importance of creating a sustainable product – one that his family would feel proud to own many decades later. After use, the clear spring water and Agave waste is converted into organic compost, used to fertilize the next generation of agave plants.

We’ll begin our evening with a welcoming cocktail, created just for this event. Chef Eduardo will design small bites to pair with each expression, making this a sublime experience.

We’ll serve

Blanco in your cocktail
Sweet nuances of cooked agave and herbs on the nose, the taste brings cooked agave, a hint of butterscotch, anise, and peppercorn.

Mellowed in American Oak for 14 days, the Platinum is slightly spicy, with a savory and delicate finish.

Rested for 4 months in American Oak and is filtered through activated charcoal. You’ll experience the aromas of floral, vanilla, light citrus fruits, followed by honey, tropical fruits and light hints of spice.

Reposado Gran Reserva
Rested in American Oak for 8 months, and blended with Reserva Añejo, you’ll first experience the aromas of banana, caramelized pear, nutmeg, vanilla and toffee, followed by flavors of light oak, vanilla, spicy toffee and macadamia nuts.

Añejo Gran Reserva
Aged in American and French Oak for 20 months and blended with Reserva Extra Añejo, you’ll savor this from the first sip. Aromas of oak, vanilla, sweet orange and cooked agave give way to flavors of vanilla, sweet spice, orange, dried fruit and caramel. A luxurious finish awaits your palate.

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